Klamath Defender Services
Klamath Defender Services is Klamath and Lake County's public defense service, providing public legal defense for criminal, civil and juvenile dependency matters. We are committed to providing the best legal services to our clients, as well as support, assistance and investigation.


Providing public legal defense for criminal, juvenile delinquency and juvenile dependency matters.

Areas of Practice


Juvenile Dependency

Klamath Defender Services serves the legal and social service needs of clients involved in juvenile dependency matters. We understand the complexity of matters involving the safety and welfare of children and will help you navigate this difficult and often emotional proces. Our team of attorneys and Dependency Case Managers have decades of experience in helping parents get the assistence they need to reunite their families.

Criminal Defense

Klamath Defender Services provides public criminal defense in matters ranging from misdemeanor driving offenses to Measure 11 crimes for adult and juvenile deliquency matters. Our criminal defense attorneys will aggresively defend your constitutional right to a fair trial and will access all community resources available to assist you. We have many years of experience in ensuring our clients are treated fairly and receive fair and judicious treatment.